Time Tracking Made Easy

Online time clock for employee time tracking.

Online Time Clock Screen

WebPunchClock is a web-based time clock solution that allows you to track employee time and attendance online using a standard web browser. It replaces tedious, error prone, hardware time clock systems with an easy to use web-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet. WebPunchClock is offered as an online subscription service, which means your company can be up and running immediately, with no investment in hardware, software, or technical support staff; and at only $2.00 per user per month, WebPunchClock is also very affordable.



Punch In and Punch Out Online

Clock In and Out Online

Employees clock in and out with their user ID and password. Clocks in and clocks out are always accurate since the time comes from our server. IP address checking is available to ensure that employees clock in and out from approved locations.

Realtime Payroll Reports

Get a detailed view of each employee, the time worked in the office, any overtime or time taken off. Save time by calculating your employees' hours instantly each pay period. No more manual calculations of hours for payroll. See total hours for any date range. Regular and overtime hours are automatically calculated. Support for weekly/biweekly and semi-monthly pay periods.

Online Employee Payroll Report

See Who is In and Out

Who's In and Who's Out

See who is working now. View all your employees'
timecards on one screen. See who is in the office
and who is not.


Track Employee Time Off

Multiple time off types are defined. Select the time off types that suit your business. Set up accruals for vacation and sick days.

Time off types for hours tracking

Key Benefits

Start tracking your time immediately Accounts can be set up in a matter of minutes. Just sign up online and get started immediately. No training needed
Affordable time tracking system Cost-effective - only $2.00 per user per month. No contracts, set-up fees, maintenance fees, or other hidden charges.
Daily database backups No maintenance or backups for you to perform. All databases are backed up regularly to ensure that your records are never lost.
Web-based time clock software - no installation required No software to install or upgrade at your office.
No expensive time clock hardware needed No expensive time clock hardware needed - track your time online from anywhere.
Free 30 day trial 30 day free trial includes all features and unlimited users. No credit card required to sign up

Key Features

Start tracking your time immediately Simple, easy to use timecard interface makes time tracking a breeze.
Web-based time clock solution 100% web-based time clock software solution. Only software required is a standard web-browser
Affordable time tracking system Time Entry Control - Restrict employees to clocking in and clocking out from a designated PC using IP address checking.
Web-based time clock software - no installation required No More Manual Time Calculations - Track your work hours and overtime hours (weekly and daily) automatically.
No expensive time clock hardware needed Overnight Shift Support - Hours for employees who work overnight shifts are calculated automatically.
Secure access Time Off support - Track vacation time, sick days and other time off days taken by your employees. .
Free 30 day trial Enforcement of Employee Shift Times - Round time up to shift start time. Round time down to shift stop time.
Free 30 day trial Permission Control - Multiple employee authorization levels to control access to data.
Free 30 day trial Secure 256-bit SSL encryption for all data sent over the internet. Our servers and data reside behind a secure firewall.